Fortress Investment Advisors, LLC
serving since 2005

Fortress Investment Advisors, LLC


Serving since 2005

Fortress is a firm based on honesty, integrity, and time-tested principles. We believe in responsible, sustainable growth and seek to build enduring relationships based on trust and respect. In our opinion, "guaranteed" 15% annual gains are unrealistic, and exotic alternative investments often lead to disappointment. If it seems to good to be true, it often is.

We have built our success through sound strategy and that is what we provide. Fortress firmly believes that you should not put your hard-earned money into anything you do not fully understand. That is why we take pride in listening carefully, educating patiently, and working together to advance your interests.

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Areas of Practice


Advanced tax reduction

It is no secret; taxes are one of your largest expenses. Many people unwittingly pay more than required. A well-built tax savings plan helps you dial down your tax liability to the lowest legal requirement, ensuring you pay exactly what you owe— and not a cent more.

asset protection and estate planning

You want to protect what is yours - that is exactly what our asset protection plan is designed to do. Our team consists of trusted legal experts who will construct a strong asset protection plan to shelter your interests and protect your gains, keeping predators and creditors at bay.

financial planning

A well-executed, up-to-date financial analysis gives you the freedom and confidence to secure the future you desire. We will work to create a detailed, realistic road map to your financial goals. Your plan will come together as we take an in-depth look into where you want to be.

a lasting Legacy

You want to define your legacy—not leave it to chance. Fortress works together with estate attorneys and experienced professionals to designs your solution and protect what you pass on.

retirement income planning

The last thing you want is to run out of money during your retirement. An integral part of our services, you can opt to have us perform a retirement income analysis for you. Our best-in-class Social Security Planning system ensures that you receive your maximum lifetime Social Security benefit payout.


Advanced Tax Mitigation Planning & Savings Growth

As a healthy business, taxes undoubtedly make up a substantial portion of your business expenses. Fortress is partnered with top CPAs and tax attorneys to help deploy a series of tax mitigation strategies, including charitable giving, and a comprehensive tax plan.

A Fresh Perspective on Structure & Operations

Proper business structures allow you to reduce your tax burdens while increasing your savings. Whether you are forming a business or developing an exit strategy, an expertly crafted plan can limit your tax and legal liabilities, and offer new advantages.

Retirement Savings and Benefit Plans

Retirement savings and benefit plans for owners and employees can be vital to the growth of your business. Empower yourself and your employees to reap substantial savings through rewarding retirement plans.

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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